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About Evo Studio

At Evo Studio, we believe that proper movement contributes to wellness and happiness. Balanced strength, alignment and flexibility are part of our movement philosophy and we want you to be part of our Evo – lution!

We offer strength, yoga, movement and mobility classes, each designed to improve the way you move and to lift your spirit. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a Weekend Warrior, everyone will benefit from our classes.

We believe in proper process and positioning when training, we teach how to master your movements and maximize your recovery. It is important to combine different training practises in order to have a better quality of life and a balance in our daily lives. To evolve into being better humans and better movers. That is why we offer strength training, yoga classes and movement/mobility classes all in one location.

Be part of a one of a kind approach to health and life, right here in the heart of Orleans.

Strength Classes

Whether you’re doing an intense CrossFit workout or lifting a bag of groceries; our goal is to build an important foundation of the human form, body awareness and control, by strengthening the most common at-risk areas of the body, working basic movements and making them safer.

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Yoga Classes

Reconnect with your body; improve flexibility and strength with one of our specialized Yoga classes. Master the control of your mind and body through these traditional yoga techniques.

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Mobility and Movement Classes

Looking to progress in your strength workouts or refine your form? Check out our mobility classes to increase joint range of motion and muscular flexibility. By practicing a dedicated mobility routine, you will be guaranteed to improve in all other aspects of your training.

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Personal TRaining

Our Trainers

Nikola Michaud

Marc Beauregard

Elizabeth Whissell

Brendan Garofalo



Nick Henry


Andrea Morissette