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  • All individuals coming into the gym to participate in a class or session, or those coming in to visit the facility, must enter the building with a mask. Clients will be allowed to remove their masks prior to engaging in their workouts. It is the responsibility of the individual to come prepared with their own mask.

Upon your arrival

  • Masks are mandatory to come in to the studio, but you can remove them during your workout/yoga class. Right after your workout, it is mandatory to put a mask back on to exit the facility. It is the responsibility of the individual to come prepared with their own mask or you can purchase a branded EVO mask at the front desk.
  • Please only come to class a maximum of 5 minutes in advance. If you are earlier, we ask that you wait outside. The front desk staff will let you in when we are done cleaning in between the classes. You will enter through the front door, switch your footwear and make your way directly to the front desk to check in. Upon checking in, you will head straight into class. Lounge areas before and after classes/sessions will be off limites for now.
  • No more bare feet!  Please ensure you bring slippers/flip flops to walk around the studio and have indoor shoes for the gym. Shoes must be switched right away when entering the facility. No one will be allowed with bare feet or with outdoor shoes.
  • Prior to attending your first class back at Evo, you will be asked to sign a health check. Bring your own pen (for signing covid form).
  • Please come dressed for your workout/yoga class and leave all bags and unnecessary accessories in your vehicle.  Lockers are not in use to leave your belongings in the change rooms.
  • Change rooms will be accessible for washroom only (Maximum capacity: 2 people at a time in the changerooms).
  • Showers will not be available to use at this time.
  • Upon checking in you will head straight into class. Lounge areas before and after sessions will be off limits for now. We will not be offering tea at this time.


  • We have reduced our schedule to respect disinfecting protocols.  The new schedule can be found on our Evo app.
  • There will be a maximum of 5 students per class in the gym and 6 in the yoga studio to conform with socia distancing protocols.
  • You will be asked to disinfect your equipment in the gym after your workout.  Towels and spray bottles will be provided to you at your station in class for equipment sanitization.  No exceptions.
  • All clients must bring their own sweat towels and water bottles.
  • In the gym and yoga studio, there will be tapes on the ground. Those tapes identify your spot for your workout/yoga class.
  • We will only accept online bookings for classes - no walk-ins will be allowed. Once the maximum amount of students has been reached, others will go on a waitlist.
  • No manual adjustments will be offered either in the gym or the yoga studio.
  • Should you not show up for a class, we will apply a 10$ no-show fee to your account.  Please cancel at minimum 8 hours before class so that others can take your spot.
  • We will no longer offer props (yoga mat, straps and Tune-up balls) in the yoga studio.  Please come to class with your own.
  • Yoga mats and Tune-Up balls can be purchased in the studio - we are currently offering 10% off our items.

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Evo Studio strength

Strength Classes

Whether you’re doing an intense CrossFit workout or lifting a bag of groceries, our goal is to build an important foundation of the human form, body awareness and control, by strengthening the most common at-risk areas of the body, working basic movements and making them safer.

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Evo Studio yoga

Yoga Classes

Reconnect with your body and improve flexibility and strength with one of our specialized yoga classes. Master the control of your mind, breath and body through traditional yoga techniques for all levels.

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Evo Studio movement mobility


Looking to progress in your strength workouts or refine your form? Check out our mobility classes to increase joint range of motion and muscular flexibility. By practicing a dedicated mobility routine, you will be guaranteed to improve in all other aspects of your training.

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Athlete Testimonials


Ottawa Gym Critic

Evo Studio.. Evo for Evolution! Upon entering Evo Studio, I quickly understood what this location was about: health, wellness, spirituality and fitness. The front entrance has a very zen like feeling to it and one cannot help but feel calm, peaceful and tranquil. Evo Studio has two rooms that gives two different energies. There’s a strength room to help you feel energized and the yoga room to help you feel even more zen. I am excited to start training here and I think it will help with my ability to self-regulate in order to improve my body, mind and spirit.

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Max Henault – Owner / Founder of Maximise (Left), Melissa Bourdeau – Owner / Founder of Evo Studio (Center) Canadian Pro Snowboarder Sebastien Toutant – 7x XGames medalist (Right)