Melissa Bourdeau

Melissa is the owner and founder of Evo Studio. Melissa has been training individuals and teams for the last 7 years. She started young with an interest in competitive hockey, snowboarding and competitive western saddle barrel racing.

Growing up with a passion for sports she realized the importance of staying active and sharing her passion for health and fitness.

She has worked extensively with hockey teams over the last 7 years.

Melissa uses different modalities during her training sessions. She uses a variety of technique and specializes in athletic training. She has worked with athletes in a variety of different sports and leagues.

 Melissa offers her clients training programs that can include:  Strength and conditioning, Joint Preparation ( Prehab + Rehab ) and Functional Range Release and Functional Range Conditioning.

Melissa is available to train sport teams, small and large group sessions, and private sessions. 


Certified in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga for All, and experienced in Youth/Kids Yoga and Meditation, my classes revolve around deep breathwork and finding a connection between mind, body and spirit. Slower in pace so that we can focus within, find your peaceful space while stretching your body and rejuvenating your spirit.
Come discover the stress-busting and calm-inducing effects of a yoga practice with me! I provide a safe space for all ages and bodies, with bilingual classes accessible to all levels of yogis.

Anik’s current classes: Yang/Yin Yoga, Yoga Slow Flow, Youth Yoga


Being a part-time yoga teacher and group fitness instructor is quite rewarding and challenging in various ways. This amazing life experience began with my willingness to help others and turned out to be the greatest way of learning to love myself and begin the long process of healing my own inner conflicts and pain.
Becoming a fitness instructor has taught me much about anatomy and how the human body functions and reacts to a variety of positive and negative stresses.
Becoming a yoga teacher allowed me to become aware of how to live a lifestyle based on many of the therapeutic and restorative principles of yoga.
Also, the diversity of knowledge and experience I received from my yoga teachers: Jenn Stow, Todd Lavictoire, and Megan Campbell – are nothing less than a gift of grace. I am forever grateful for this honour.
Today, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and my own experiences of enlightenment with my students. Sustaining and supporting each divine being on their own personal journey by promoting the importance of mindfulness and fellowship is my personal spiritual calling that I believe is the will of the Universe/God/Life for my life.

Judy’s curent classes: Morning Yoga, Hot Slow Flow Yoga, Strength and Cardio Intervals


I started practicing yoga to help strengthen my body as a whole and increase my range of motion. This has not only assisted in injury prevention but I also noticed that I bounced back more rapidly from sport injuries. Through the activation of muscles group not normally engaged during my regular exercise routines, combined with the introduction of new body alignments provided in my yoga practice, my physical body has evolved allowing me to perform physical daily tasks and sporting activities with greater easy, strength and comfort. Practice makes permanent!
On a mental and spiritual level, combining the effects of controlled pranayama (the breath) during yoga practice allows the union and synchronicity of the mind-body experience, creating a sense of peace, presence and calmness within.
My mission as a yoga instructor is to convey my passion of the benefits that yoga can provide to those within my local community. Come join me to deepen your range of motion, activate your inner core, develop mindfulness and expand your inner smile!

Marc’s current classes: Foundation Yoga, Hot Power Core Yoga


The focus of my teaching is to create awareness and opening in the body’s always changing state. I began teaching as a way of offering others the healing benefits of determined mindful practice.
I have sought to expand my learning and share it with others. I studied Hatha Yoga at the 200 and 300 hr level in Rishikesh, India, in addition to ELDOA I-II and Mysofacial Stretching. I have trained in a variety of yoga styles including Yoga Tune Up, Power, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Kundalini, and more. Personally, my favourite type of class to take is Yoga Flow/Vinyasa.
My classes have been described as inclusive – in style, method and participants! I recommend everyone try out ELDOA – a class designed to create space in the vertebral joints – it is an excellent compliment to any kind of practice/workout.

Rob’s current classes: Gentle Yoga, ELDOA (Spinal Alignment)


Patricia has been practicing yoga since her teenage years. When she took her teacher training in 2012, she quickly realized that her yogic roots had been grounded much earlier than that. She believes yoga is bigger than the physical body and weaves the teachings through her classes: Truthfulness, compassion, non-stealing, non-judgement, and non-attachment. For Patricia, yoga brings balance for her emotionally, physically and spiritually by reaffirming and aligning her passion – all on her little red mat. She uses her Life Coaching skills and embodiment practices in her teaching style as she empowers people to move towards overcoming fears and blocks. Patricia leads a gentle but powerful class with a sense of playfulness. Life is too short to be so serious! Join Patricia as she unfolds her mat and her life – one asana at a time.

Patricia’s current class: Hot Power Yoga


For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about the human body and what it is capable of. Strength, flexibility, mobility, power, coordination, you name it. I am always striving for improvement.

From a young age I participated in sports and always had that competitive nature. I always worked hard and was amazed by what I was capable of.

When you put in the work and enjoy what you are doing, you can do amazing things. When I was studying to become a school teacher, I was so passionate about Health & Fitness that I decided to get certified to be a group fitness instructor.

I want to help others succeed, no matter what their fitness goals. I know the importance of being active and healthy and want to share my knowledge with my clients. I am a certified Group Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer.

Still addicted to sports and performance, I now have my level one gymnastics course and love to teach people how to feel better, move better and live longer.

Katherine’s current classes: Bodyweight Strength, Abs & Booty


Level -2 Certification in Muay Thai
Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate
National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Certifications in injury prevention and Recovery
16 years of Martial Arts experience
WKF Light Middle Weight Champion
W.A.M.T.A.C. Light Middle Weight Champion
2nd place in WKA USA National Championship 2016 for Muay Thai
2nd place in WKA USA National Championship 2016 for Kickboxing
Fight Record:
MMA = 3-1
Kickboxing = 4-1-1
Muay Thai = 13-2

Nicholas’ current class: Strength and Conditioning


Ben Johnson is an Integrated Fitness Professional with 8 years of experience and (currently) 18 certifications.

Ben specializes in assessment based training and corrective exercise. His clients benefit from a process called Functional Kinetic Assessment where indicators from their posture, movement, passive and active range, functional muscle testing and lifestyle are combined to design unique exercise and wellness solutions for each individual.

From performance athletes to people learning to address pain and dysfunction, everyone can benefit from these services. Become not only stronger and healthier, but better informed and equipped with your most valuable asset, your health.

Ben’s current classes: EVObility (Tune Up) & Kettlebell Flow


Anne is a Certified Yoga Instructor. She completed her 200HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. Anne is a believer that our total best health is dependent on consistency and practice. In early 2012, her recovery from a marking experience while working overseas led her to focus on the mind-body-spirit connection more than ever before. Athletic and anxious, she began to study mindfulness and develop wellness solutions to invite peace to her turbulent mind and soothe her spirit while maintaining a balanced body.

Anne promotes total presence using intentional breath as the foundation of each class she guides. Creative in her delivery, Anne weaves sound, anatomy, yoga theory and meditative silence into her classes to ease students into postures that work best for them. Paired with a levity and playfulness that best describes her as a big kid, she encourages you to continuously let go and simply start where you are with every breath.

What makes Anne’s teaching special is her ability to be spiritual yet down-to-earth, teach disciplined alignment yet have a sense of humour – and a way of getting to the heart of yoga so easily. She encourages students to explore their edges both on and off the mat.

Come explore your own practice with her. She truly believes yoga will change your life.

Anne’s current classes: Warm Yin Yoga and Hot Yoga


Jas is an RYT 500. She believes in taking a holistic approach to wellness and combines elements of of her training in order to tailor her services and practices to individual needs.

Jas has extensive experience in building partnerships within the community and inspiring collaboration between existing departments and programs. She has worked in several areas within the City of Ottawa, but has spent that last 7 years in Long-Term Care.

It was her experience in emotionally stressful environments that inspired her to pursue a career in the health and wellness realm, as she had seen and felt the effects of a sedentary and stressful lifestyle first-hand. She noticed a general decline in health when the work/life harmony was disturbed.

With over 15 years experience, she makes yoga accessible for every BODY.

She didn’t start out as a professional yoga teacher. For years, she attended yoga and other fitness sessions and spent her off-days studying the literature. Most of the yoga classes she attended catered to people who were already fit and flexible, and it seemed to be a fit initially. Over time, however, she started looking for a practice that encompassed a more holistic approach to what her body and mind needed. Through mindfulness she developed a lifestyle and practice that worked for her, and has been fortunate enough to be able to share this practice with others. Se believes that life should be lived with joy, gratitude, and a dedication to being present in the moment. These feelings inform and guide her teaching, which is focused on helping her students better connect to themselves and their communities. She believes in accessible service for all, and focuses on making her programming as inclusive as possible.

Jas’ current class: Vinyasa Yoga