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At Evo Studio, we believe in proper process and positioning when training, we teach how to master your movements and maximize your recovery. It is important to combine different training practises, in order to have a better quality of life and a balance in our daily lives. To be better humans and better movers. That is why we offer yoga, strength training and movement/mobility classes all in one location.

Our philosophy is that human bodies need a balance between 3 physiological aspects: Physical, Spiritual and Emotional, to acquire quality of life. Our one of a kind approach to fitness will allow you to reach that balance.

Basically, evolution in physical training must be assisted by spiritual training. Combining the two practices will help in: finding inner peace to break the walls of endurance, sleeping better for a faster muscle recovery, working your mobility for an improved performance and developing your flexibility to prevent injuries.

Evolution in spiritual training must be assisted by physical training. Strength training will help in developing muscle tissue required in perfecting your techniques, completing yoga poses as well as building confidence in your capabilities.

Together, these practices positively impact the third component, the Emotional aspect of our entity and results in the evolution of a perfect physical balance and living a better life.

The story behind Evo Studio – Message from the Founder

EVO stands for Evolution

“I have explored the world of yoga for a few years; practicing, teaching and sharing with others all of it’s benefits. Through my own, as well as others experiences, I have come to the understanding that acquiring balance leads to less physical pain. Allows you to build physical and mental strength and that a peaceful mind brings clarity of thoughts which positively enlightens emotions and leads to good health. Not being able to shut down or slow down our minds can lead us to develop health issues just like repeatedly putting our bodies through stressful situations, moving improperly or placing stress on joints and muscles.

Having recovered from major injuries a few years ago, I have rebuilt my physical and mental strength by combining different types of training together, including yoga, movement and mobility as well as strength training. I believe that combining all of the different practices found at Evo Studio can be beneficial to everyone, for all level.

My team and I are looking forward seeing you in class and being a part of your EVOlution!”

Melissa Bourdeau
Owner & Founder of Evo Studio

Certifications: Personal Training, Mobility and Movement, ELDOA Level 1 & 2, FRC Training.

Melissa’s current classes: Kinstretch, Yoga Tune Up, Intro to Strength & Movement, Personal Training, Sports Performance Training.

Meet our Team


Judy Meilleur – Yoga and Fitness Instructor


Judy's curent classes: Morning Yoga, Hot Slow Flow Yoga, Strength and Cardio Intervals

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Becoming a yoga teacher allowed me to become aware of how to live a lifestyle based on many of the therapeutic and restorative principles of yoga.
Also, the diversity of knowledge and experience I received from my yoga teachers: Jenn Stow, Todd Lavictoire, and Megan Campbell – are nothing less than a gift of grace. I am forever grateful for this honour.

Today, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and my own experiences of enlightenment with my students. Sustaining and supporting each divine being on their own personal journey by promoting the importance of mindfulness and fellowship is my personal spiritual calling that I believe is the will of the Universe/God/Life for my life.

Anik Elgin – Yoga Instructor


Anik’s current classes: Yang/Yin Yoga, Yoga Slow Flow, Stretch & Unwind

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Certified in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga for All, and experienced in Youth/Kids Yoga and Meditation, my classes revolve around deep breathwork and finding a connection between mind, body and spirit. Slower in pace so that we can focus within, find your peaceful space while stretching your body and rejuvenating your spirit.

Come discover the stress-busting and calm-inducing effects of a yoga practice with me! I provide a safe space for all ages and bodies, with bilingual classes accessible to all levels of yogis.

Laura Walker-Ng – Marketing Coordinator


Laura’s current class: Kettlebell Conditioning

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I have joined the Evo Studio team as the Marketing and Events Coordinator. My goal is to enhance your studio experience and strengthen the Evo community! At Evo Studio you will find me behind the front desk most days as well as teaching kettlebell and strength classes.
I first fell in love with kettlebells in 2010 when I joined a local bootcamp and have been training ever since. Kettlebells offer a full body workout that helps increase strength and overall endurance while promoting natural movements and a full range of motion.
I also organize the Ottawa Craft Beer Run and on the weekends you can find me running or cycling around the city.
Stop by the front desk if you have any questions or just want to chat!

Rob Smith – Yoga and ELDOA Instructor


Rob's current classes: Gentle Yoga, ELDOA (Spinal Alignment)

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The focus of my teaching is to create awareness and opening in the body's always changing state. I began teaching as a way of offering others the healing benefits of determined mindful practice.

I have sought to expand my learning and share it with others. I studied Hatha Yoga at the 200 and 300 hr level in Rishikesh, India, in addition to ELDOA I-II and Mysofacial Stretching. I have trained in a variety of yoga styles including Yoga Tune Up, Power, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Kundalini, and more. Personally, my favourite type of class to take is Yoga Flow/Vinyasa.

My classes have been described as inclusive - in style, method and participants! I recommend everyone try out ELDOA - a class designed to create space in the vertebral joints - it is an excellent compliment to any kind of practice/workout.

Luba Chabsky – Bodyweight Strength Instructor


Luba's current classes: Bodyweight Strength

more about Luba

Luba has been a trainer for over 5 years and has practiced yoga since she was in high school with her mother. In September 2017 she took a leap of faith and changed her path in search of a deeper meaning in life and enrolled in Elevate Yoga's YTT200hr Program with Nigel Walker.

Luba enjoys bringing her Fitness & Strength knowledge to the mat to create a safe and dynamic practice for her students. She incorporates asanas for strength and flexibility in her classes, all while offering many variations and freedom to be creative.
She says the biggest thing that she has learned through her journey is that fitness, health, yoga and everything we experience in life is a journey not a destination, and encourages everyone to try a little more every day.

Katherine Lavoie – Bodyweight Strength and Mobility Instructor


Katherine's current classes: Bodyweight Strength and Mobility

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Biography coming soon.

Katherine's current classes: Bodyweight Strength and Mobility

Nicholas Séguin – Muay Thai Instructor


Nicholas' current class: Sweat Madness

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Level -2 Certification in Muay Thai
Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate
National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Certifications in injury prevention and Recovery
16 years of Martial Arts experience

WKF Light Middle Weight Champion
W.A.M.T.A.C. Light Middle Weight Champion
2nd place in WKA USA National Championship 2016 for Muay Thai
2nd place in WKA USA National Championship 2016 for Kickboxing

Fight Record:
MMA = 3-1
Kickboxing = 4-1-1
Muay Thai = 13-2

Marc Beauregard – Yoga Instructor


Marc’s current classes: Foundation Yoga, Hot Power Core Yoga

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I started practicing yoga to help strengthen my body as a whole and increase my range of motion. This has not only assisted in injury prevention but I also noticed that I bounced back more rapidly from sport injuries. Through the activation of muscles group not normally engaged during my regular exercise routines, combined with the introduction of new body alignments provided in my yoga practice, my physical body has evolved allowing me to perform physical daily tasks and sporting activities with greater easy, strength and comfort. Practice makes permanent!
On a mental and spiritual level, combining the effects of controlled pranayama (the breath) during yoga practice allows the union and synchronicity of the mind-body experience, creating a sense of peace, presence and calmness within.
My mission as a yoga instructor is to convey my passion of the benefits that yoga can provide to those within my local community. Come join me to deepen your range of motion, activate your inner core, develop mindfulness and expand your inner smile!

Maria Sophia – Yoga Instructor


Maria’s current classes: Vinyasa Power Yoga and Ying Yoga

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Quite simply, I am passionate about yoga and always above all else, a student of yoga. My journey began by accident in my living room as a dare to see if yoga went beyond the physical body and really helped with emotional and mental well-being. Yoga won. Since then I have travelled to India twice in order to delve deeper into the philosophy so I can share what I learned on my mat. Coupled with my other passion and career, of Social Work I quickly realized how powerful the practice can be. I use my own experiences combined with the knowledge of my teachings in India and through the many workshops and spiritual gatherings ‘satsang’ I attend to inspire people to find their deep wisdom through a Sattvic 'balanced' practice. A Sattva practice helps us tune into the energy within to transcend physical, emotional, and mental barriers. Join me for an intelligent sequence of posture, breath work, meditation, mantra, and kriya that is meant to inspire, empower, and connect you to your unique healing energy.

Patricia Jean-Vezina – Yoga Instructor