At Evo Studio, we believe in proper process and positioning when training.
We teach you how to master your movements and maximize your recovery.
It is important to combine different training practices in order to have a better quality of life and a balance in our daily lives. To be better humans and better movers.
That is why we offer yoga, strength training and movement/mobility classes all in one location.

Our philosophy is that human bodies need a balance between 3 physiological aspects: Physical, Spiritual and Emotional, to acquire quality of life. Our one of a kind approach to fitness will allow you to reach that balance.

Basically, evolution in physical training must be assisted by spiritual training. Combining the two practices will help in: finding inner peace to break the walls of endurance, sleeping better for a faster muscle recovery, working your mobility for an improved performance and developing your flexibility to prevent injuries.

Evolution in spiritual training must be assisted by physical training. Strength training will help in developing muscle tissue required in perfecting your techniques, completing yoga poses as well as building confidence in your capabilities.

Together, these practices positively impact the third component, the Emotional aspect of our entity and results in the evolution of a perfect physical balance and living a better life.

The story behind Evo Studio – Message from the Founder

EVO stands for Evo-lution

“I have explored the world of yoga for a few years; practicing, teaching and sharing with others all of it’s benefits. Through my own, as well as others experiences, I have come to the understanding that acquiring balance leads to less physical pain. Allows you to build physical and mental strength and that a peaceful mind brings clarity of thoughts which positively enlightens emotions and leads to good health. Not being able to shut down or slow down our minds can lead us to develop health issues just like repeatedly putting our bodies through stressful situations, moving improperly or placing stress on joints and muscles.

Having recovered from major injuries a few years ago, I have rebuilt my physical and mental strength by combining different types of training together, including yoga, movement and mobility as well as strength training. I believe that combining all of the different practices found at Evo Studio can be beneficial to everyone, for all level.

My team and I are looking forward seeing you in class and being a part of your EVOlution!”

Melissa Bourdeau
Owner & Founder of Evo Studio

Certifications: Personal Training, Mobility and Movement, ELDOA Level 1 & 2, FRC Training.

Meet our Team

Marc Beauregard – Yoga Instructor


Marc’s current classes: Evo Flow & Detox, Evo Elements, Evo Power Hour, Evo Yin & Meditation

more about marc

I started practicing yoga to help strengthen my body as a whole and increase my range of motion. This has not only assisted in injury prevention but I also noticed that I bounced back more rapidly from sport injuries. Through the activation of muscles group not normally engaged during my regular exercise routines, combined with the introduction of new body alignments provided in my yoga practice, my physical body has evolved allowing me to perform physical daily tasks and sporting activities with greater easy, strength and comfort. Practice makes permanent!

On a mental and spiritual level, combining the effects of controlled pranayama (the breath) during yoga practice allows the union and synchronicity of the mind-body experience, creating a sense of peace, presence and calmness within.

My mission as a yoga instructor is to convey my passion of the benefits that yoga can provide to those within my local community. Come join me to deepen your range of motion, activate your inner core, develop mindfulness and expand your inner smile!

Kevin Gauthier– Yoga Instructor


Kevin's current class: Evo Yin & Meditation

Biography coming soon.

Michelle Robichaud – Yoga Instructor


Michelle's current class: Evo Flow & Detox


After a move to Omaha, Nebraska, and time on her hands Michelle walked into her first yoga class and was immediately captivated by the breath/body connection — meditation in motion. She decided to take a leap of faith and completed an intensive yoga teacher training. This experience brought her so much growth and awakened awareness. It was life altering.

Michelle is a highly motivated and diverse instructor looking to increase the health and wellness of her students by implementing areas of yoga and fitness that best fit their individual needs. It is her heartfelt belief that yoga, through breath, asana and meditation, can provide nourishment for the body, mind, and soul.

Michelle’s classes are accessible to beginners while also challenging the intermediate student. As a vinyasa trained instructor, she places great importance on linking breath to movement. Her intention is that you will always leave class feeling better than when you arrived.

Michelle is excited to meet you at the mat!

Lisa Miller – Yoga Instructor


Lisa's current classes: Evo Elements and Evo Hiit Yoga

Biography coming soon.

Katherine Lavoie – Fitness instructor


Katherine is currently off for the summer.


For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about the human body and what it is capable of. Strength, flexibility, mobility, power, coordination, you name it. I am always striving for improvement.

From a young age I participated in sports and always had that competitive nature. I always worked hard and was amazed by what I was capable of.

When you put in the work and enjoy what you are doing, you can do amazing things. When I was studying to become a school teacher, I was so passionate about Health & Fitness that I decided to get certified to be a group fitness instructor.
I want to help others succeed, no matter what their fitness goals. I know the importance of being active and healthy and want to share my knowledge with my clients. I am a certified Group Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer.

Still addicted to sports and performance, I now have my level one gymnastics course and love to teach people how to feel better, move better and live longer.

Melanie Campbell – Fitness instructor


Melanie's current classes: Evo Met/Con & Evo Strength

Biography coming soon.

Jimena Gravelle – Fitness instructor


Jimena's current classes: Evo Strength & Mobility

Biography coming soon.

Joey Blais – Fitness instructor


Joey's current class: Evo Strength

Biography coming soon.

Amber Green – Yoga & Strength Instructor


Amber's current classes: Evolates, Evo Stability, Evobility

More about Amber

Amber Green started her movement training at the age of 6, figure skating competitively until the age of 18.

While attending university in Toronto she started taking pre-professional level dance technique classes at the National Ballet School, Metromovement, and The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

After graduating from University, Amber decided to audition for The School of Dance’s 3 year Professional Contemporary Dance Program in Ottawa. This allowed her to explore ballet, contemporary, contact improvisation, partner lifting courses, Pilates, yoga, anatomy, somatic classes, and many different ways of moving from around the world. She graduated from the program as a professional contemporary artist in 2015.

After graduating she decided to continue expanding her movement knowledge by enrolling and completing a 200 hr yoga teacher training certification as well as Level 1 Yoga Tune Up certification.

Since then she has been sharing her knowledge from her dance training at the Gloucester Skating Club and in elementary schools with Momentum Moves Canada, has been performing and choreographing, and has been teaching group and private yoga classes around the Ottawa area.

Kim Maillet – Yoga Instructor


Kim's current class: Evo Wake Up Slow Yoga & Evo Gentle Morning Yoga


Kim fell in love with the practice of yoga a little over 5 years ago. What began as a casual practice has for Kim now grown into a daily activity. Kim finds that what she practices while on her mat helps her to feel more grounded in all areas of her life and she strives to let those lessons form her into a better person overall.

Kim loves to travel. She loves summertime, singing, hiking and swimming. On a personal level, Kim likes it best when she is able to make deep connections with individuals.

As a yoga teacher, Kim’s primary intent is to encourage her students to love and accept themselves just as they are.