Events and Workshops

Human Strong Workshop
Saturday September 8th, and Sunday September 9th from 11am – 4pm
$225 + HST
Evo Studio
200 Vanguard Drive, Orleans
What Will You Learn at the Human Strong Workshop?
-How to escape the exercise trap and be more Human
-Ways to make your workouts more organic, something our bodies (and minds) crave
-Become Anti-Fragile by training out of position and exploring ranges
-Gain Farmboy Strength with unconventional training methods
-Use play to take your movement to the next level
You will learn how to incorporate play into your exercise to make simple movements like push ups, Squats, Deadlifts, and Presses more dynamic. We will show you tools that can make almost any movement in your training program more organic.
In this workshop be prepared to break free from “patterns” and explore your full movement potential!
Please call Evo Studio to book and pay to reserve your spot. Space is very limited!
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Pelvic Floor Workshop
Join us in exploring this vital and often under-appreciated area of our bodies!
Pelvic floor health has broad impact on our lives and is underrated in its impact on our breathing, posture, strength, injury prevention, intimacy, pregnancy, mobility and more.
Not only for women, a better understanding and relationship with your pelvic floor can be a huge asset when dealing with chronic pain, incontinence and those seeking to improve their mental health.
Yes its true! A healthier pelvic floor can improve your quality of life and your performance.
So whether you’re a mom, thinking of becoming one, wanting to resolve nagging pain, increase your strength or deepen your breathing and yoga practice, we’d love to share these fascinating insights with you!

Join us July 14th from 1pm-3pm
Members and visitors of all ages welcome
$30 Evo members
$35 non-members

Can’t wait to see you there!

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